Using Past Failures to Adapt and Improve 

Life is a journey and failure is part of it. As we grew up, we failed all the time. When learning how to walk, we would stumble, fall, and get back up to try again. We made mistakes learning how to talk, but we used those mistakes to learn the language even better. However, as…

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Overcoming Setbacks and Failure to Achieve Success

Overview  Sean Hackner shares the importance of persevering and not giving up, even when facing setbacks and failures. He explains how life is a journey and failure is inevitable, therefore it is important to embrace failure and learn from it.   Guest Sean Hackner is Vice President of marketing and sales at NetWise. He is an experienced President with a demonstrated history of working…

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Cisco Terreros | The Power of No | Demand Gen Summit 2021

Cisco terreros

Overview Cisco shares his inspiring story of moving to the US as a teenager and going from sleeping on the floor to owning a successful business. He shares his 3 tips for overcoming failure and staying motivated.  Speaker Cisco, Co-Founder of Felkrem, is a c-level marketing executive with over 17 years of experience in the sports industry. He has…

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