Suaad Sait | The Modern Saas Sales Leader Needs to be a Full Funnel Leader

suaad sait the modern saas sales leader needs to be a full funnel leader

Overview Suaad Sait of XANT presents attributes that the Modern Sales Leader must have including focusing on the full funnel.  Speaker Suaad is President of Growth at XANT. As a high tech industry senior executive, Suaad has played leadership roles at high growth software and cloud technology companies driving value creation of over $15B. Most recently, Suaad was the EVP, Products & Markets…

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David Dulany | The New GTM Organization | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

david dulaney the new gtm organization

Overview David goes through the new Go-to-market organization strategy, including creating demand, converting demand, and fulfilling demand.  Speaker David is a sales development expert! He hosts the #1 Sales Development Podcast and is Founder/CEO of Tenbound.  Quotes “The customer doesn’t care about you or your company. They care about the problems they’re trying to solve and…

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Heidi Bullock | In it to Win It: Tips for Deal Acceleration and Helping Sales | ChatFunnels

heidi bullock deal acceleration

Overview Heidi goes through the process of optimizing every step of the funnel, including aligning on fundamentals, prioritizing and understanding accounts, and acting and driving results.  Speaker Heidi is an industry- respected leader in SaaS marketing. She is CMO at Tealium, former CMO at Engagio (acquired by Demandbase), and former GVP Global Marketing at Marketo, an Adobe company.…

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Darryl Praill | Sales and Marketing Alignment Done Right

darryl praill sales and marketing alignment done right

Overview Darryl, with a background in sales, marketing, and revenue, explains 10 key steps to aligning your sales and marketing which can increase your overall revenue by 30%+.  Speaker Darryl, CRO of VanillaSoft, is a veteran Vice President of Marketing, an occasional Vice President of Sales, and often a Vice President of Sales and Marketing.…

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Shane Murphy | How to Supercharge Your Sales Funnel with “Pipeline Plays”

shane murphy how to supercharge your sales funnel with pipeline plays

Overview Shane explains the ways marketing has fundamentally changed and how automatically sent out “pipeline plays” can revolutionize your strategy.  Speaker Murphy-Reuter is Chief Marketing Officer at ZoomInfo. He comes to ZoomInfo with years of executive experience at companies selling data-powered software for go-to-market teams. Prior to ZoomInfo, he served as Senior VP of Global Marketing at Intercom, the…

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Hugh Macfarlane | Buyer-Centric Strategy | Demand Gen Summit

Overview Hugh outlines the buyers’ journey step by step and goes through the steps needed to have sales and marketing aligned on a truly buyer-centric strategy.  Speaker Hugh has proven his belief in a buyer-centric approach by successfully leading literally hundreds of marketing growth projects in six continents. He has trained thousands of B2B marketers…

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Brian Giese | AI in the B2B World | Demand Gen Summit

brian giese ai in the b2b world contact data

Overview Brian takes a look at the direction demand gen is headed. Marketers need contact data. However, data coupled with intent is much more powerful.  Speaker Brian Giese is co-founder of TrueInfluence. His technology, InsightBase, won the 2019 MarTech Award. Customers use the True Influence Marketing Cloud to identify key business trends and identify individual contacts when they are…

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James Oldroyd | Demand Gen Study 2021 Results

Demand gen study 2021 results james oldroyd

Overview The speakers run through the results of the Demand Gen Study, with the goal to identify emerging marketing techniques and optimal demand generation strategy.  Speaker Professor James Oldroyd is a professor of strategy at BYU. His research has been published in the Harvard Business Review. He teaches undergraduates, MBAs, and industry executives.  Tanner Sundwall, Marketing Analyst…

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