Are you Fishing in the Right Pond? | Laura Patterson | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

Laura Patterson are you fishing in the right pond? segmentation, customer journey, personas

Overview Laura fully explains the why and how of identifying, understanding, and marketing to audiences.  Speaker As president of VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., Laura is an expert in a customer-centric data-to-insights performance management approach to growth. Her specialties include customer onboarding, driving actionable insights from data, developing marketing metrics frameworks, and producing relevant marketing dashboards.  Quotes “We don’t market to buckets…

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Kate Adams | Where’s the H(uman) in B2B? | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

kate adams human in b2b

Overview Kate expounds research-backed strategies to improve your sales and marketing processes by remembering that your prospects are human.  Speaker Kate Adams, SVP of Marketing at Validity, has more than 15 years of tech experience building strong businesses within different stages and industries. She believes deeply in bringing businesses to life in the hearts and minds of prospects…

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Cold Calling Faster Master Class | Chris Beall | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

chris beal cold calling faster master class

Overview Chris teaches how to cold call faster and more effectively using data-backed techniques.  Speaker Chris Beall is CEO at ConnectAndSell. ConnectAndSell makes WFH for sales teams practical. Reps get 10x more conversations with decision-makers with zero effort. That makes prospecting – their most important job – fun and successful. ConnectAndSell gives managers perfect visibility, control, real-time coaching and continuous…

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Anthony Blatner | LinkedIn Ads Quickstart | Demand Gen Summit 2021

anthony linkedin ads quickstart

Overview Anthony, LinkedIn ads expert, outlines his top tips and use cases of LinkedIn, which can be a powerful tool in targeting specific roles.  Speaker Anthony Blatner, CMO of Speedwork Social, has worked with hundreds of SaaS companies to optimize their LinkedIn ad campaigns.  Key Points LinkedIn Ads May be a Good Fit for you if:  Your…

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Shawn Elledge | The Road Map to Driving Demand

shawn elledge the road map to driving demand

Overview Shawn goes through responses to many common challenges of lead generation strategies, such as email marketing, sales automation, and ABM to find the best road map to driving demand.  Speaker As Founder & CEO of SalesRocket, Shawn has developed deep expertise in B2B Demand Generation, Lead Generation and Direct Marketing including Database Marketing, Email Marketing,…

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Lianna Kinard | How Empathy is Essential to Marketing

lianna kinard

Overview Lianna teaches her #1 lesson from the pandemic- the importance of using empathy in your marketing to relate to your customers.  Speaker Lianna Kinard, VP of Marketing at The Buckner Company, has worked in marketing within insurance for the last decade. For the past 5 years, she has led The Buckner Company‘s marketing efforts, generating innovative strategies…

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How to Leverage a Personal Brand | Sam Nelson | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit 2021

Overview Sam outlines how to create and leverage your personal brand to create true fans, engaging content, and financial stability.  Speaker Sam Nelson is an SDR leader at Outreach and a content creator. He has leveraged his personal brand to create a large following on LinkedIn and his popular sales training newsletter at    Key Points…

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Patrick Ketchum | Building a Team Brand in the Pandemic | Demand Gen Summit 2021

patrick ketchum building a team brand in the pandemic

Overview In an interview with Billy, Patrick discusses how his companies have responded to the pandemic with innovation and technology.  Speaker With a background in politics and technology, Patrick started 585 Strategies to provide medical care. He also created Inlay to facilitate medical staffing.    Quotes “We have a lot of work to do. Healthcare in general…

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Mark Emond | The 5 Essential Elements of Revenue Marketing Success | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit

Mark Emond the 5 essential elements of revenue marketing success

Overview Mark explains 5 essential aspects of revenue marketing success, including research, alignment, development, engagement, and automation.  Speaker Mark founded and leads Demand Spring, an organization of dynamic, experienced individuals with a passion for working with B2B Marketers in building the marketing strategies, content, and technology stacks that drive transformation and top-line results. We work…

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Marie Patterson | Changing the Conversation: Driving Demand

Marie Patterson Changing the Conversation Driving Demand Chatbots

Overview Marie shares her tips on how to use chatbots to generate a high ROI in the form of capturing leads. She details the changes we need to make in how we think about the customer’s journey.  Speaker As a pioneer of measurable ROI-based marketing automation, digital marketing and content marketing, Marie has spent the past…

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