Wrap-Up: Demand Gen Summit Spring 2021

The last Demand Gen Summit Spring was on April 28, 2021. The focus of this event was driving, engaging, and closing demand. It was chock-full of amazing insights about how to get site visitors into your funnel, what customer engagement tools you should be using, and how to accelerate the sales cycle. There were 3400+…

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Marie Patterson | Changing the Conversation: Driving Demand

Marie Patterson Changing the Conversation Driving Demand Chatbots

Overview Marie shares her tips on how to use chatbots to generate a high ROI in the form of capturing leads. She details the changes we need to make in how we think about the customer’s journey.  Speaker As a pioneer of measurable ROI-based marketing automation, digital marketing and content marketing, Marie has spent the past…

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James Oldroyd | Demand Gen Study 2021 Results

Demand gen study 2021 results james oldroyd

Overview The speakers run through the results of the Demand Gen Study, with the goal to identify emerging marketing techniques and optimal demand generation strategy.  Speaker Professor James Oldroyd is a professor of strategy at BYU. His research has been published in the Harvard Business Review. He teaches undergraduates, MBAs, and industry executives.  Tanner Sundwall, Marketing Analyst…

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Kyle Woodruff | Essential Building Blocks for a Great Demand Program | Demand Gen Summit

kyle woodruff demand generation essential building blocks

Overview Kyle Woodruff explains his 3 essential building blocks to creating a great demand generation program: defining your target audience, value-based messaging, and mixing marketing channels.  Speaker Kyle, VP of Marketing at Emmersion, has a strong background in marketing for some of Utah’s forefront technology companies, including Talkdesk, Pluralsight, and Domo. His entrepreneurial background has provided an effective platform to learn and apply…

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