The Ins and Outs of Data Driven Decision Making

Data is essential for success in marketing. Data provides the information to understand what your target audience is thinking and what they need. There should be data backing each and every decision made as a marketer. When used in the right way, data can help turn potential prospects into solid customers.  In a recent episode…

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Actionable Intelligence: Looking into the Future of Marketing and Sales

Overview  Bob Samuels shares his experience and insights on actionable intelligence. He discusses how to understand, organize, and strategically sort through intent data. Lastly, he comments on ABM and the future of B2B lead gen.   Guest Bob Samuels started his career in finance and accounting. After working as a CPA for 20 years, his path eventually led him to…

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How to Make Data Driven Decisions that Influence Revenue

Overview  William Tyree discusses how to get into a data driven mindset in order to influence company revenue. He talks about how to make strategic data driven decisions and what metrics to focus on while doing so. Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of team collaboration and considering input from outside the marketing team for improvement ideas.   Guest William Tyree is the Chief…

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Brian Giese | AI in the B2B World | Demand Gen Summit

brian giese ai in the b2b world contact data

Overview Brian takes a look at the direction demand gen is headed. Marketers need contact data. However, data coupled with intent is much more powerful.  Speaker Brian Giese is co-founder of TrueInfluence. His technology, InsightBase, won the 2019 MarTech Award. Customers use the True Influence Marketing Cloud to identify key business trends and identify individual contacts when they are…

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James Oldroyd | Demand Gen Study 2021 Results

Demand gen study 2021 results james oldroyd

Overview The speakers run through the results of the Demand Gen Study, with the goal to identify emerging marketing techniques and optimal demand generation strategy.  Speaker Professor James Oldroyd is a professor of strategy at BYU. His research has been published in the Harvard Business Review. He teaches undergraduates, MBAs, and industry executives.  Tanner Sundwall, Marketing Analyst…

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Kyle Woodruff | Essential Building Blocks for a Great Demand Program | Demand Gen Summit

kyle woodruff demand generation essential building blocks

Overview Kyle Woodruff explains his 3 essential building blocks to creating a great demand generation program: defining your target audience, value-based messaging, and mixing marketing channels.  Speaker Kyle, VP of Marketing at Emmersion, has a strong background in marketing for some of Utah’s forefront technology companies, including Talkdesk, Pluralsight, and Domo. His entrepreneurial background has provided an effective platform to learn and apply…

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