How to Get more Booked Meetings with Scott Logan

Scott Logan Meetings Booked

Overview  Scott outlines the how and why of the calendar-first approach, a radically effective new approach to getting booked meetings. Speaker  Scott, VP of Marketing at Kronologic, is an experience demand generation leader who builds strategies to grow B2B companies. Note: this episode was taken from the Demand Gen Summit Spring 2021. Reference iTunes SimpleCast Welcome Billy Bateman…

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Humanizing Sales with Unique Experiences with Dale Dupree

Humanizing sales with unique experiences with Dale Dupree

Overview Dale explains his radical new approach to sales- creating memorable experiences and human connections.  Guest Dale is leader of The Sales Rebellion. He is a sales trainer, teaching the masses (both individuals and entire companies) how to choose legendary for their sales career. He is a dad, jedi, podcast host, sales therapist, public speaker, and author.  Reference iTunes…

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