The 5 Secrets to Revenue Marketing Success

B2B marketers are always focused on one word—revenue. How can you achieve revenue marketing success? Revenue is the primary metric used to measure the success of B2B marketers. On average, 55% of B2B marketers are expected to initiate 30% new pipeline. As a marketer, what systems do you have in place to drive revenue? You…

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Mark Emond | The 5 Essential Elements of Revenue Marketing Success | ChatFunnels Demand Gen Summit

Mark Emond the 5 essential elements of revenue marketing success

Overview Mark explains 5 essential aspects of revenue marketing success, including research, alignment, development, engagement, and automation.  Speaker Mark founded and leads Demand Spring, an organization of dynamic, experienced individuals with a passion for working with B2B Marketers in building the marketing strategies, content, and technology stacks that drive transformation and top-line results. We work…

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