Chatbot Optimization Consulting

Let us help you optimize your bots and drive results. We use science and experimentation to optimize your entire sales, marketing and customer engagement funnels.

Data-centric approach

We use data from your bot platform integrated with your CRM, web analytics, and other marketing & sales automation tools to make informed decisions about which experiment opportunities can provide the greatest ROI.

Engagement increase

Using data and science increases live chat and bot engagements typically over 200%.

Bot revenue increase

Leveraging digital conversation science increases bot and live chat revenue by as much as 150%.


A/B funnel experiments

We run “test and control” experiments at each stage of digital conversations to increase total outcomes using statistics, machine learning, best practices, benchmarking, and data.

These experiments increase engagement and lead capture while qualifying leads and connecting them to your team.


We test variations related to configurations including:




  Question Order



ChatFunnels converts web visitors into pipeline.

Let's explore how ChatFunnels can best complement your marketing and sales efforts.