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White Paper Key Findings

Manage Expectations

Let customers know how many questions you’re going to ask before the resolution. Try to keep it under 5 questions. If your demo is a recorded video, give them the heads up. When we know what to expect, we are more open to new information and more trusting in our decision making! 

Qualify Leads

Chatbots can’t replace human interaction, but they are great at funneling out the people that are really interested. When done well, bots can have a conversion rate of 40-60% better than forms.

Test and Optimize

The first draft is never the final version. Any great product needs hours and hours of strategic testing and adjusting, and bots are no exception. Test and Optimize your engagement rate metrics, email capture rates, calendar drops and the order and sequence of your bot.

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Live Chat Success

“After Implementing the ChatFunnels trainings/strategies, we have decreased average live chat response times by over 73%, our response rates are now 100%, and our email capture rates have increased by 52%. The proof is in the data!”

Derek Boggs
Sr. Manager, Demand Gen, Ivanti