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2021 Annual RevTech Benchmark Study

The Annual RevTech Benchmark Study outlines marketing and sales technology usage across software groups, industries, company sizes, and geographical regions. After surveying over 800 professionals, we put together a comprehensive study with insights into the state of the sales and marketing tech industry. Learn about the essential industry trends to help your company stand out and rise above the competition.
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3 Secrets to Setting Appointments Using Bots

Understanding how to effectively book a meeting with a bot is vital in the marketing world. Demos allow buyers to see how a product or service could help their business. Using bots to schedule appointments is one way to boost sales and increase leads, while simultaneously cutting costs. In this day and age, quickly getting a hold of customers and responding fast is something that is expected. Don't let your business fall behind the times. Set up your bots, follow best practices, and test to optimize!
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5 Secrets to Killing it with Live Chat

Live chat has proven to be a crucial part of the customer experience. It lets the customer be in control of how much help they need and when they access that help. The modern customer has high expectations for customer service, making it essential to optimize your live chat practices. Keep those response times down, take time to practice, and be a human! Then watch those conversion rates skyrocket.
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5 Secrets to Increasing Webinar Attendance by 30%

Webinars are crucial to the marketing world. They provide a more engaging and hands-on experience, allow hosts to cater to their audiences, give valuable information to promote loyalty, and provide a more flexible formatting platform to spread information. We need them, and by using these tips, you can watch your webinar attendance skyrocket!