ChatFunnels Live Chat

Effective, personal live chat that saves time and money. Whether you’re using it for customers or prospective customers, live chat will help you connect and convert.

appointment scheduling screenshot

Convert sales

Prospects are 500x more likely to convert to sales when you contact them within 5 minutes. With live chat, contact them instantly. 

  • Live chats are “routed” to an available agent instantly, so visitors won’t have to wait more than a few seconds for a response.

Book more meetings

Agents can drop their calendars directly into the chat to book meetings.

  • See how ChatFunnels consulting helped a client book 88% more meetings here →
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Save time

  • Manage multiple conversations simultaneously. Help both sales prospects and customers faster and easier than you can on the phone.
  • FAQ bot answers commonly asked questions automatically, saving agents time.
  • Saved replies allow you to save time spent typing common replies.
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