ChatFunnels Integrations

Learn how our many ChatFunnels integrations can help your team seamlessly transfer data to the tools you already use.

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Sell faster, know your customer and nurture each lead by passing ChatFunnels conversations into Salesforce.

With the ChatFunnels Salesforce integration you can expect to...

  • Succinctly pass all data collected by the bot into your Salesforce instance
  • Easily keep track of each prospect
  • Personalize field mapping to get the exact information you need
Our ChatFunnels to Google Analytics integration allows you to track conversations, conversions, meetings scheduled and more!

With the Google Analytics integration you can...

  • Track how ChatFunnels is engaging and converting your website
  • Setup and track goals
  • Integrate ChatFunnels performance into website analytics tool
Quickly pass conversation data from ChatFunnels to over 2000 apps using the ChatFunnels' Zapier integration.

With ChatFunnels' Zapier Integration you can...

  • Seamlessly integrate ChatFunnels into your current tools
  • Easily automate the transfer of your ChatFunnels conversation data
  • Link the connection yourself without the need for a developer
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Understand and improve operations in record time with the ChatFunnels' Domo integration.

With the ChatFunnels' Domo integration you can...

  • Use chatbot data to create visualizations for real-time insights
  • Automate the transfer of data from ChatFunnels to Domo
zoom info
Enhance contact information with seamless data transfer between ChatFunnels and ZoomInfo.

With the ChatFunnels' ZoomInfo integration you can...

  • Get a more complete view of site visitors
  • Seamlessly transfer information from ZoomInfo to ChatFunnels
  • Receive enriched contact information
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Seamlessly transfer data to get a more complete view on prospects' professional personas.

With the ChatFunnels' Clearbit integration you can...

  • Enhance lead generation
  • Enrich contact information received from the bot
  • Automate the lead capturing process
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