ChatFunnels Account and Contact Management

Use the ChatFunnels Chatbot capability to engage with your accounts and visitors, automate scoring qualification and routing, book demos, and create pipeline opportunities.

account based activity screenshot

Account-based activity management system

The ChatFunnels account-based activity management system aggregates and simplifies visitor activity from a company engaging on your website. It provides a simplified view of an entire accounts' website visits, trending topics, live chat, and bot conversations.

Contact management

Keep track of every individual you’ve had a conversation with, each of their interactions, and seamlessly sync with your system of record. Fully integrated with the live chat and knowledge base systems, your team will always know the history of every conversation.

contact management screenshot


Understand which accounts and contacts are engaging, and what's trending in your account base. Help your team make quick, fundamental decisions by delivering easily understandable, statistically pertinent data.

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