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What is ChatFunnels Experiment™?

ChatFunnels Experiment™ uses A/B testing to optimize bot performance. This way of testing will allow you to make data driven decisions instead of just guessing which bot will have higher conversion rates. This means that intentional iteration is now a breeze! You can test anything from the copy, buttons, call to actions, etc. and drive results results.

Choosing Key Metrics

This testing platform will measure five key metrics:
  • emails captured 
  • meetings booked 
  • primary goals reached
  • secondary goals reached
  • conversations 

You and your team can track each metric to determine if the bots are doing what you have intended them to do. Choose which metric you want the testing to track. For example, if a bot’s purpose is to capture emails, you can test it based off that one metric.

Conversion Rates

This graph will show the conversion rates of both bots being tested with a 95% confidence interval. This makes it easy to see and learn from the data. Once the testing has concluded, you will know which bot to keep on your website.

Stop Guessing and Start Testing!

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