Chat Funnels

Chat Funnels is a Conversation AI Platform and Consulting Solutions provider. We help companies maximize the effectiveness of their conversational marketing efforts in order to achieve better engagement results. We specialize in the use of chatbots for B2B (Business to Business) sales and marketing, emphasizing work with Drift & Intercom software. We advise, manage, and train companies on how to best use these to collect and qualify leads, book meetings for sales reps, and other creative uses of chatbots in sales and marketing.

The Job

You’ll be working with data to evaluate the performance of individual chatbots, campaigns and overall strategy for clients. You’re going to be cleaning, organizing, visualizing and interpreting data while working with a senior analyst to analyze results and prepare reports for clients with recommendations and insights.

You’ll also be learning how to create and deploy chatbots in Drift and Intercom along with strategies to effectively use chatbots for lead capture and qualifying.

Needed Skills


  • Familiarity with Excel is a must.
  • R, SaaS, Stata statistical tools a plus


  • PowerBI, Drift, Intercom, and experience is a plus.

The Brass Tacks

Time: 15-20 hours a week.

Compensation: $12-$17 per hour depending on experience and skills.

Location: Provo, Utah

Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected]