Thought Leaders

Demand Gen Summit 2020 - Top 10 Thought Leaders
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Thought Leaders

This category recognizes individuals who are notable experts in the sales and marketing world. They have demonstrated outstanding leadership in propelling the industry forward.

Top 10:

1 . Mario M. Martinez Jr – CEO & Founder, Vengreso

Mario is a digital sales evangelist with over 84 executive quarters in B2B sales and leadership. He uses the digital sales ecosystem to teach how to attract modern buyers with an engaging personal brand. Additionally, he is the host of the Modern Selling Podcast.


2. Cynthia Barnes – CEO & Founder, Assoc. of Women’s Sales Prof

Cynthia has been in the industry for 20+ years where she has demonstrated exemplary work as a corporate producer and sales leader. She is always motivating others to achieve their goals with disciplined work. Her motto “I’m in it to win it,” shows her phenomenal work ethic and drive.


3. Matt Heinz – President, Heinz Marketing Inc.

Matt has over 20 years of experience in marketing, business development, and sales. His company focuses on pipeline strategy and marketing execution. He is a published author with amazing books on increasing pipeline and funnel marketing. Some of his previous awards include Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management and Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers. 

4. Trish Bertuzzi – CEO, The Bridge Group

Trish founded The Bridge Group in 1998. They work with businesses to help them grow pipeline, win deals, and expand more accounts. On top of that, Trish is a Best Selling Author, LinkedIn Top Sales Voice, and Dreamforce Speaker.


5. Chad Burmeister – Founder & CEO,

For years, Chad has advised companies on how to increase pipeline and solve the sales pipeline problem. He has inspired sales professionals to improve by focusing on their mindset, skillset, and toolkit. He is a webinar and podcast host, and a big advocate for women in sales, people of color, and high-school and university students

6. Neil Patel – Cofounder, Neil Patel Digital

Neil is a marketer, influencer, and best-selling author. He was recognized by President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of thirty. He has helped many companies grow through marketing, such as Google, Airbnb, and Amazon just to name a few.

7. Morgan J. Ingram – Director of Execution & Evolution, Jbarrows Sales Training

Morgan has many years of experience in sales and management. He provides training for individuals and sales teams who are motivated to learn and improve. In addition, he is the host of a Youtube series called The SDR Chronicles, which gives further insight into how to improve all aspects of the sales journey.


8. Gabe Villamizer – Marketing Leader, Lucidchart

Gabe has extensive B2B marketing and sales experience. LinkedIn, Forbes, Forrester, and Salesforce have recognized him as a leading B2B marketing, sales, and social media influencer. His company Lucidchart provides a visual workspace for remote teams.


9. Lori Richardson – B2B Sales Growth Strategist, Score More Sales

Lori is dedicated to helping companies through looking at the data and focusing on best practices when it comes to sales. Her company has proven strategies for revenue growth. She is passionate about fixing sales teams’ issues and is truly a seller at heart.


10. Billy Bateman – Cofounder & VP of Operations, ChatFunnels

Billy has a background in digital marketing, business operations, and entrepreneurship. He cofounded ChatFunnels three years ago, which focuses on conversational optimization with the use of chatbots. He is also the host of the podcast Digital Conversations.



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