​Demand Gen and Sales Leaders

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​Demand Gen and Sales Leaders

This category recognizes managers and directors that have demonstrated excellence in leadership, marketing, and sales. These winners are data driven individuals who inspire employees to achieve greatness.

Top 10:

1. Rick Tolman – VP Demand Gen, Pluralsight

Rick is a true leader in building top-performing demand generation programs and driving engagement. His expertise includes, but is not limited to: Digital, Account-Based, Email, and Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Multi-Channel Customer Acquisition and Retention Marketing, and Sales Pipeline Acquisition, Acceleration, and Influence Campaigns.


2. Zack Thompson – Manager, Sales Development, ZoomInfo

Zack is skilled in Business Development, Sales Development, Sales Management, and Team Leadership. He is a sales professional who strives to help other businesses grow.



3. Chris McNeill – Sales Development Manager, QuickBase

Chris has years of experience managing both sales development and digital sales teams. He has extensive knowledge in demand generation, product management, lead generation, sales management, etc.



4. Ernest Owusu – Sales Development Leader, 6Sense

Ernest is a former NFL athlete, who leverages those experiences to thrive as a sales development leader. He says he does three things: educate sellers on how to generate meetings, teach sales and marketing leaders of where to focus their efforts, and help executives build out top-performing sales development teams.


5. Sarah Fruy – Director of Brand & Digital Experience, Pantheon

Sarah is a master at sales, strategy, and marketing. She has over fifteen years of experience in content and social media marketing, driving sales, managing product launches, and leading sales training programs.



6. Chandler Tidwell – SR. Demand Gen/ Marketing Manager, MX

Chandler has experience in developing revenue driving marketing campaigns. He is also an expert in account-based marketing, marketing automation, and generating leads and pipeline.



7. Karmen Finney – VP of Marketing, Kazzcade

Karmen has experience as director of marketing and VP of marketing. Additionally, she has worked in hospitality marketing. Her expertise includes event management, advertising, luxury goods, and marketing strategy.


8. Steven Eror – Sales Development Manager, Ivanti

Steven has spent most of his career working to understand and use financial strategies to grow businesses. He works to help businesses understand Sales Acceleration.



9. Marie Patterson – CMO, Archive 360

Marie is dedicated to helping companies’ buyers buy. For the past 20 years she has been dedicated to the transformation of software companies to help them dominate their market sectors.



10. Bernie Borges – CCO, Vengreso

Bernie is a marketer who really focuses on the success of the customer to see profitable growth . He has learned the art of brand building and demand generation. He is also the host of the Modern Marketing Engine Podcast.



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