Anthony Blatner | LinkedIn Ads Quickstart | Demand Gen Summit 2021

anthony linkedin ads quickstart

Overview Anthony, LinkedIn ads expert, outlines his top tips and use cases of LinkedIn, which can be a powerful tool in targeting specific roles.  Speaker Anthony Blatner, CMO of Speedwork Social, has worked with hundreds of SaaS companies to optimize their LinkedIn ad campaigns.  Key Points LinkedIn Ads May be a Good Fit for you if:  Your…

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Shawn Elledge | The Road Map to Driving Demand

shawn elledge the road map to driving demand

Overview Shawn goes through responses to many common challenges of lead generation strategies, such as email marketing, sales automation, and ABM to find the best road map to driving demand.  Speaker As Founder & CEO of SalesRocket, Shawn has developed deep expertise in B2B Demand Generation, Lead Generation and Direct Marketing including Database Marketing, Email Marketing,…

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Darryl Praill | Sales and Marketing Alignment Done Right

darryl praill sales and marketing alignment done right

Overview Darryl, with a background in sales, marketing, and revenue, explains 10 key steps to aligning your sales and marketing which can increase your overall revenue by 30%+.  Speaker Darryl, CRO of VanillaSoft, is a veteran Vice President of Marketing, an occasional Vice President of Sales, and often a Vice President of Sales and Marketing.…

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Sunniya Saleem | How to Accelerate Mid-funnel Demand | Demand Gen Summit Spring 2021

sunniya saleem accelerate mid-funnel demand

Overview Sunniya explains how she optimized mid-funnel demand by analyzing, personalizing, nurturing, aligning, and delighting.  Speaker Sunniya Saleem, Head of Demand Generation and Digital Marketing at Quickbase, is is responsible for revenue marketing, demand generation, digital marketing and field marketing. She has led her team to expand their strategy from a heavy transactional use case model, to driving value for the customer…

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Peter Strohkorb | Opening is the New Closing | Demand Gen Summit

opening is the new closing peter strohkorb

Overview Peter runs through the new sales funnel, explaining how focusing on the customers’ perspective generates better results.  Speaker Peter’s business, Peter Strohkorb Advisory – “More Sales, Faster” has helped clients win more sales, faster. He worked for 10 years’ owning and running several startups and another 20+ years’ in sales and marketing leadership roles in multinational technology corporations like…

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Brandon Bornancin | Writing the Perfect Sales Pitch

brandon bornancin persona driven outbound sales

Overview Brandon outlines the 6 essential elements of a successful sales pitch. He emphasizes focusing on the prospect, complimenting them, and adapting your product to their needs.  Speaker Brandon is CEO & Founder of Seamless.AI, #1 best-selling author of 10+ books, a serial salesperson (sold over $100M in sales), eight-figure entrepreneur (2x), and motivational speaker who…

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Lianna Kinard | How Empathy is Essential to Marketing

lianna kinard

Overview Lianna teaches her #1 lesson from the pandemic- the importance of using empathy in your marketing to relate to your customers.  Speaker Lianna Kinard, VP of Marketing at The Buckner Company, has worked in marketing within insurance for the last decade. For the past 5 years, she has led The Buckner Company‘s marketing efforts, generating innovative strategies…

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Shane Murphy | How to Supercharge Your Sales Funnel with “Pipeline Plays”

shane murphy how to supercharge your sales funnel with pipeline plays

Overview Shane explains the ways marketing has fundamentally changed and how automatically sent out “pipeline plays” can revolutionize your strategy.  Speaker Murphy-Reuter is Chief Marketing Officer at ZoomInfo. He comes to ZoomInfo with years of executive experience at companies selling data-powered software for go-to-market teams. Prior to ZoomInfo, he served as Senior VP of Global Marketing at Intercom, the…

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Hugh Macfarlane | Buyer-Centric Strategy | Demand Gen Summit

Overview Hugh outlines the buyers’ journey step by step and goes through the steps needed to have sales and marketing aligned on a truly buyer-centric strategy.  Speaker Hugh has proven his belief in a buyer-centric approach by successfully leading literally hundreds of marketing growth projects in six continents. He has trained thousands of B2B marketers…

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