The Strategy Behind Webinar Attendance

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In our recent podcast with Mary Kathryn Johnson (MLK) and Billy Bateman, we learn all of the secrets to higher Webinar attendance. Johnson teaches us how using Messenger bots might just be the key…

Owner of Messenger Funnels and Bot Academy, Johnson answers questions such as: how do we get people to actually attend Webinars? What are the 3 steps to lead generation? What is the messy middle? How do we do the same for Evergreen Webinars? And gives us a some super handy tips!

The History of Driving Webinar Attendance

The question is: How do we get people to actually attend our Webinars?

The history of driving webinar attendance has been exciting, and a little chaotic. Email marketing has proven to be pretty successful. According to Statista, 3.9 BILLION people used email in 2019. That is almost half of the world’s population! With stats like these, it makes a lot of sense that traditional marketing techniques revolve around email.

BUT consider this common scenario by Johnson.

  1. You run a Facebook ad for your webinar, which drives people to register with their email.
  2. You remind them probably 10 times leading up to the event.
  3. If lucky- 20% of those people will open the emails you’re sending.
  4. 20% of those people will finish the Webinar and see the pitch.
  5. Then 10-20% of that group see the sales page and actually make a purchase.

**check out Neil Patel for statistics on this funnel for Webinars**

Now, this might seem a little bit discouraging, especially because 100% of those people that put their emails in were interested in your webinar for some reason or other. So what happens to the 80% that don’t even get to hear what you have to say?

It’s your job to reach them.

3 Steps for Your Strategy

There’s a 3-step approach to tackling the job of figuring out how to reach your audience.

STEP 1: Understand your conversion

The end goal is to get them to show up. There are some common reasons why people wouldn’t attend a live, or view an online, Webinar:

  • They forget about it
  • They lost interest
  • Something else came up
  • They wanted a replay instead of the live event
  • Technical difficulties (for online)

Think about these aspects- what is it that you have to do to reach them and then get them there?

STEP 2: The “Messy Middle”

This is the middle step, what Johnson would call the “Messy Middle”. After you understand your current Webinar conversion and what you want it to be, you dive in and start getting dirty. This is the testing stage. You experiment, tweak, and analyze which copy works best for you.

This is also where you can try new methods of marketing to reach those people you haven’t reached before. Consider using messenger bots (we’ll address this further in a minute)!

STEP 3: Create Your Lead Gen Strategy

You’ve tested. You’ve experimented. Now is the time to create your strategy. What do you want? Create your sales strategies, your marketing strategies, and then you can work on implementation!

Some Webinar personalization strategies that have worked for businesses include:

  • Targeting your audience in your ad campaigns- sometimes you want to reach as many people as you can and end up getting a lot of people that aren’t right for your product. By targeting your ad campaigns specifically to the people you are trying to reach, you end up with more valuable leads.
  • Segmenting people once your webinar starts. Know how much experience they have so you can send different tracks of information for different people. This allows you to be completely relevant to your people, and that will give you power. Find out as much as you can about this person- the more information you have the more detailed targeting you can do. Especially once they get information and have received value from you.

Use a Chat to Aid Email

Let’s run back to the messy middle for a second. Here are some newer tactics to get more interested people to watch your Webinars:

USE CHAT. Start with a bot builder like ManyChat or ChatFuel. Having a bot will allow you to have back and forth conversations with people that are interested in your webinar, and there are several tactics you can then use to engage.

Consider this:

  1. You have a page on your website or ad that allows people to register for the event.
  2. Alex puts her email address in to sign up.
  3. A thank you page pops up confirming her registration. She is given 2 options: To check her email for the registration information OR to click a button for all the information she needs via messenger.
  4. The first option has the traditional outcome. The second option takes her to messenger in a format where she can communicate with you directly.
  5. Here you can slowly start dripping your information to gain Alex’s interest. As she engages more, she starts to anticipate what is going to be said in the Webinar.
    1. “Do you want to know how Nancy used this technique to accomplish XYZ? Yes or No”
    2. *Alex clicks yes* “Great! Watch this 1-minute video on her story. We’ll talk more about this in our Webinar!”

Instead of an email, which is hard to keep track of and requires NO engagement, this process allows you to gauge the interest of a potential client. It also provides them with information that is more immediate to them. This foot-in-the-door technique helps recruit red-hot leads, and shows those leads why they should be anticipating your event.

*There are a few Facebook messenger rules to be familiar with before you start using these techniques*

Your Approach to Evergreen Webinars

EVERGREEN WEBINAR: a topic that is always relevant no matter what time you’re in. These events are usually online, instead of live, which allows you to view the Webinar whenever you please.

Now let’s talk strategies. Obviously, there is a lot of crossover between the marketing for a one-time event and an event that is always relevant. A lot of the time these Evergreen Webinars will be online, so we will mostly be addressing the difference between marketing for online and live events.

One way you can market differently is by taking a more organic approach. (ie: I’m going to go live every Tuesday and talk about the 5 reasons why *insert timeless problem topic here*) Create a pdf to list those 5 common mistakes, and let them know they don’t need to take notes because when they comment they will receive a pdf of the Webinar. (This also then allows you to engage with them on messenger because they have engaged with you first.)

Another thing you can do is to break up your hour-long webinar video into pieces. For example; secret #1, secret #2, secret #3, and 8 minutes for the pitch. You then use the same foot-in-the-door technique as before, but you answer your own teaser with the first section of your webinar. When they are done you can ask if they would like to see the next one, and so on. This engagement allows a kinesthetic response that keeps the listener engaged and has better success rates with actually watching the webinar through the pitch. This difference has even boosted businesses from 20%-67%!

Extra Tips and Tricks [From Johnson]

  1. Keep your messages short. “Treat it like a Facetweet- like if Facebook and Twitter had a baby.”
  2. Use typing delays, don’t tell too much at once- this allows you to add questions and LEAD.
  3. Get those micro-commitments, but make sure you give them an out if they want to take it, people don’t like feeling trapped.
  4. Give registrars an unfinished worksheet so they can fill it out in the workshop.

Let us know if you’re interested in using live chat or chatbots to engage with your customers, or to better understand how you can use live chat or chatbot for your business. We would love to help! Book a free 10-minute consultation to help with YOUR bot implementation.