SuperBot 2019 Recap

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Last week I attended SuperBot hosted by Dashbot.  Overall, it was a great event and very insightful about what people are doing with both voice and chatbots, struggles, successes, and opportunities. Here are a few of the highlights.

Enterprise Business Wants Chatbots

While only 20% of enterprise businesses currently use a chatbot in some capacity 70% of those surveyed say they want one within one year.

Voice is the New Frontier (With many problems to be solved)

Discovery is the biggest problem right now. How do you get people to find our voice bot? There is no directory, hyperlink or table of contents for all the bots available to you on Alexa or Google Home so getting people to use your bot the first time can be tough.

What’s really possible with voice? Will it be limited to brief shallow interactions such as, “What’s the score of the Jazz-Lakers game?” or can we move to more meaningful and deep interactions?

When Optimizing, Slow Down!

When optimizing any bot (Voice or Chat) limit yourself to only one experiment at a time. You may feel like you’re slowing down getting results but you are sacrificing a little time for superior quality in the long run.

Start Simple

In any use case for a bot be sure to start simple and build on it.

    • Don’t start out building a bot for all problems, start with one that has the answers to your FAQ’s.
    • For Sales don’t start with one that, collects contact info, qualifies and closes deals all on its own. Start with a bot qualifying and routing to the appropriate sales rep.

You’re Best Asset for Learning? – Prior Conversations

My personal favorite – The best way to learn is from reviewing prior conversations. Why do we have someone at ChatFunnels that reviews all conversations for our clients? Because that’s the best way we’ve found to learn what the bot is doing well and more importantly where it’s falling short and users are getting frustrated. We then take these insights and run new experiments to try and optimize the bot experience for users and ultimately our customers.