Cracking into the Instagram Marketing Code

Behind the Scenes on Instagram

Monthly Active Users

Instagram had 1 BILLION monthly active users in June of 2018. We haven’t heard much since this announcement, so it’s likely that their numbers haven’t shifted too drastically. More recently updated, however, is the shocking 500 Million users using Stories on the daily. All this action puts Insta in second place (for all traditional network sites) for most active users, only after Facebook.

Daily Interaction

Of all of Instagram’s users, 63% log in at least once a day, with 42% checking several times a day. Only 16% of all users log in less than once a week. Keeping this in mind, people generally spend about 53 minutes a day on the site.

Business Statistics

There are over 25 million businesses on Instagram. Concerning traction, over 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile a day. This puts the potential advertising reach at 849.3 Million people for a business on the site- AND if you’re considering starting to use stories to promote, you might be in luck. 1/3 of the most viewed stories are posted from businesses.

Besides being second for most monthly active users, Instagram is also the second most downloaded free app in the AppStore (only after YouTube- which can ALSO be used as a marketing tool. Comment down below if you want to hear how you could use YouTube to promote your business!). This growth in popularity is a sure call to action towards Instagram for social media promotion tools!

How to Start Instagram Marketing Instantly

You have to shift gears into the Instagram marketing mindset. If you’re worried that you may be behind, here are some things you can do right now:

Try using these 3 tools:

  1. Stories– with half a billion people using Stories DAILY and 1/3 of the most viewed stories being from businesses, you definitely have to take advantage of your Stories. Post new content or discounts for your followers to get excited about while they’re scrolling through their daily feed.
  2. Ads– according to EMarketer, Instagram is moving quicker than other sites (even including Facebook) so it makes sense that Ads are becoming more and more crucial to promotion. Instagram’s ad revenues in the US will grow by 46.8% this year. Facebook is only predicted to grow by 11.2% this year.
  3. Posts with Links– once verified you can start adding direct links to your stories and posts. This way people can click directly from your posts to your site. However, until then, consider adding your webpage URL into your bio so it’s easy for people to go straight to your hub of information from your Insta profile!

What to do after you’ve established your presence? You’ve hit a road block? Consider an Instagram Management Platform

Now, we’ve explained where to start from if you’re still in the beginning phase of Instagram Marketing. However, once you’ve got an idea of all the possibilities for the platform it might seem a little bit daunting. BUT we have good news. There are platforms designed specifically to help businesses manage Instagram marketing and take your brand the extra mile. In our recent podcast with Jeff MacPherson and Billy Bateman, they go into detail about Jeff’s own Instagram managing platform- Direct Heroes (@direct.heros). Considered the “ManyChat” of Instagram, his business is designed to help your marketing on Instagram really transform.

Direct Heroes Strategy

Direct heroes has some strategies to helps you implement for your brand. Here are a couple of those tactics.

  1. Keyword Opt-ins
    1. Tell anyone who comes to your Instagram profile to message you a *keyword* to receive an offer. They don’t have to be following you, and it sparks curiosity for anyone who sees your bio!
    2. Story mentions + hashtags. Have people hashtag or tag you in their Stories while at your conferences and events, which then allows you to respond to their story and say “thanks for the share, head over to this booth for a t-shirt” or “we’ve entered you into a raffle, head over to this booth at this time to hear the announced winners!” This allows you to have that personal connection to the people at events with you, then you can get into conversations. Fitness programs and post-purchase use this a lot!
  2. Automation / Human Interaction Balance
    1. “Automation is very important for business’ scalability but you still need human interaction.” -Jeff MacPherson. Recognize the difference between how much people engage with you and want to be a part of your business, then alter messages to fit that so that you aren’t just blasting the same message for everyone. The bot is great to reach out initially, and then to connect them to the right person.
  3. Combat Shiny Syndrome
    1. People don’t want to wait a long time for an offer, they want it now. Create a story that will stop them in their tracks from all the daily noise of social media. Allow them a calender-drop through DMs right away or give them an offer right away before they move on and have to come back to it!

What is the Future of Instagram Marketing?

It’s predicted that the users will rise by 2021 and will have 1.172 Billion monthly active users. With more and more opportunities for ad promotion and incredible ways to reach out to followers, the future of Instagram Marketing is bright. Whether you choose to tackle the beast on your own or with a little promotional help, you can change your business marketing to stay up to date on all the social media platforms people are on! And you’ll be all the better for it. Let us know your marketing success stories down below and as always…