A/B Testing: Optimizing Your Website with Intent and Strategy

Having a good business webpage is essential in creating a quality impression for your company. Your page may even be the first impression a potential customer has with the product. The page should be strategically designed, easy to use, and should provide relevant content for the user. However, when designing a webpage, the options are endless. How do you know which design is the best for your audience? How do you know which will be the most successful?

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a method of comparing different versions of a webpage to determine which performs better based on given conversion goals. In other words, A/B testing is an experiment to see how changing certain variables about a webpage might improve conversion rates. This allows you to strategically optimize the content on your page. As such, everything there should have an intended purpose that can be measured.


Chatbots are an effective tool to use in optimizing your webpage. They are great for providing support for visitors, generating new leads, and making sales. 

ChatFunnels provides personalized A/B testing to help choose which bot is going to work the best for your webpage. That means you don’t have to guess what messages will help your visitors convert. Rather, use data to find out what works.

How does A/B testing work?

A/B testing is simple. After booking a demo, there are only a few steps to follow in order to complete the process.

First, test two versions of a bot. The test will be measuring which of the two bots provides greater interaction with customers visiting the sites. The first version of the bot will be the “control” or original testing variable. The second version will be the “variation” or new version of the original testing variable. Ultimately, the version that improves your metrics will be the “winner” of the two variables. 

Next, choose which metrics you want the bots to be tested on. These can include conversations, emails captured, meetings booked, and more. When a visitor comes to your website they likely have a specific goal in mind. That might include learning more about your business, buying your product, or simply browsing. Choosing good metrics will allow you to better pinpoint the areas for improvement and opportunities for increased success with the traffic that is going through your website. 

Next, the ChatFunnels A/B testing platform will use visualization to easily convey how well both bots are performing over time with statistical significance. This data will allow you to visualize the relationship between what is happening in each test, and which is performing better. This will allow you to develop accurate theories in order to implement more effective solutions. 

Lastly, switch to the more successful bot to get the best results. Once you have completed your test, it is time to start using the bot that is more effective. The test that was done can give you and your organization good backing to make a change knowing it is low-risk and high-reward.


A/B testing can be used with various aspects of webpages in order to optimize the user experience and strategically improve content. Even the simplest changes can lead to a tremendous impact in conversion rates. If you are looking to improve your webpage, ChatFunnels is a great place to start. Book your first demo with us here and we will help you optimize the user experience on your webpage.