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Personalization at Scale with Paul Jones

Reading Time: 12 minutes Guest: Paul Jones- Paul Jones is the Vice President of Experience Design at Tribehouse. He is focusing on building experiences that allow executives along the Wasatch […]

How to Create a Chatbot with Value

Reading Time: 3 minutes Amazon Go is a convenience store chain that allows shoppers to not only avoid checkout lines, but almost any human interaction at all while shopping. […]

The Sales Side of Bots: An Introspective [Podcast]

Reading Time: 12 minutes Guest: Scott Mark– Seasoned executive with experience running large organizations. Overview: This week on digital conversations our guest is Eliav Cohen of Ultra Cool. He […]

Making a List, Checking it Twice- Facebook Marketing with Messenger

Reading Time: 3 minutes In an article we just published last week, Sterling Beck had some strong opinions against becoming dependant on Facebook for advertising and marketing. Here we […]