Understanding Consumer Behavior In Order To Eliminate Guesswork

April 20, 2021

No one likes to guess and test forever, right? If only there was an easier way to figure out exactly what works in marketing and sales. Well, there is and it’s called analyzing the consumer behavior. In a recent episode of Digital Conversations with Billy Bateman, Mike Lewis shared his insights on marketing attribution, understanding…

The Basics of Becoming A Chatbot Expert

April 13, 2021

Chatbots are the #1 most effective way to increase website engagement and improve customer satisfaction. So, you’re going to want to become a chatbot expert! They are the new and improved way to automate the sales and customer support processes. Chatbots save your company time and money, provide you with different ways to send prospects…

Chatbot Message Strategy that Converts with Mark Bryson

April 11, 2021

Overview: Mark Bryson, chatbot expert, goes over best practices with chatbot CTAs (opening messages) in this episode of Digital Conversations with Billy Bateman. They discuss best practices to maximize conversion. Guest:  Mark Bryson, Consulting Manager at ChatFunnels, is a chatbot and conversational marketing optimization expert who helps clients build, optimize, and use chatbots on a…


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