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Top 10 ABM Challenges and How to Overcome Them with Declan Mulkeen

June 27, 2022

Overview In this presentation, Declan goes over the top 10 ABM challenges from a survey he conducted. He discusses how to overcome each one with Fes Askari. Speaker Declan Mulkeen is CMO of Strategicabm, the Account-based Marketing Agency. Declan is an ABM advisor for B2B tech brands and host of the Let’s Talk ABM Podcast  Quotes…

ABM Strategies that You Can Steal with Mason Cosby

June 27, 2022

Overview In this presentation, Mason shares ABM strategies that he has used and led him to success. He shares them with us and invites us to use them. Speaker Mason Cosby is marketing director of Mojo Media Labs, a full-service, integrated brand-to-demand marketing consultancy.  Key Points A walk through of an ABM strategy framework and the…

Introducing PlayRunner and How to Use It with Sterling Kump

June 27, 2022

Overview In this presentation, Sterling introduces ChatFunnels’ new system, PlayRunner. He walks through scenarios and teaches the best way to use it. Speaker Sterling Kump is Head of customer success at ChatFunnels, a platform that helps demand gen leaders accelerate revenue using account-based engagement strategies. Key Points PlayRunner is the first platform-wide orchestration tool for…

Agile Revenue Planning for Marketers with Heather Durante

June 27, 2022

Overview In her presentation, Heather explains the importance of budgeting and planning for demand. She also shares what agile revenue planning is and how to do so. Speaker Heather Durante is Vice President of Global Demand Gen at Keyfactor, a leader in cloud-first PKI as-a-Service and crypto-agility solutions.   Quotes “Agile Revenue Planning- Essentially, it’s…

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