The Ultimate Guide to Categorizing and Defining Leads

November 16, 2021

The organization of data in a business is valuable in increasing productivity. Understanding which customers and leads are the most interested in your product will allow you to prioritize your time and resources. In order to create this organization, it is essential to properly categorize and define your leads. In doing so, you will be…

How to Get Intentional with Intent Data

November 9, 2021

Data is essential in successful B2B sales and marketing. Not only does good data help you reach the right people, but it will help improve your ROI and increase sales. However, having good data is useless if you don’t know how to strategically take advantage of it. What will set you apart from other B2B…

Tips for Effectively Customizing the User Experience with Chatbots

November 2, 2021

Consumers love customization. Whether it is a customized pair of shoes or a perfectly tailored suit, personalized products make customers happy. Customization increases customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty toward the service provider.  Customization is a concept that is becoming more prevalent, especially in the digital world. We are moving away from broad experiences and toward…

A/B Testing: Optimizing Your Website with Intent and Strategy

October 26, 2021

Having a good business webpage is essential in creating a quality impression for your company. Your page may even be the first impression a potential customer has with the product. The page should be strategically designed, easy to use, and should provide relevant content for the user. However, when designing a webpage, the options are…

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