ChatFunnels is a Conversation AI Platform and Bot Consulting Solutions provider. We help organizations maximize the effectiveness of their conversational marketing efforts in order to achieve better engagement results ultimately driving more revenue for our customers. We specialize in the use of chatbots for B2B (Business to Business) sales and marketing, emphasizing work with the Drift & Intercom solutions. Using our proprietary analytics engine and strategies, we advise, manage, and train organizations on how to best use these technologies to collect and qualify leads, book meetings for sales reps, and other creative uses of chatbots in sales and marketing.


The Job

You will be part a small team of client-facing bot strategy and data analysts in addition to interacting with clients directly.  The team’s objective is to advise clients on best use cases for their website chatbot for sales, marketing and product engagement using the ChatFunnels’ Funnel Optimization Platform (FOP) and the ChatFunnels Consulting Strategy Playbook (CSP). You’ll know your successful at this role as your clients increase the effectiveness in key sales and marketing funnel metrics (ie: web conversion rates, conversation engagement rates etc). Ultimately, your key measure of success is increased in revenue directly attributable to the ChatFunnels engagement and customer renewal rates.

This is a fairly new space so experience using, creating and analyzing chatbots is not required. However and sincere interest in building in a new industry, learning and becoming an expert in the space is required.


  • Learn to use Intercom & Drift and become an expert in their use cases, deployment strategies, and capabilities.
  • Create new chatbots in Intercom & Drift including; messaging, chatbot logic flows, and targeting.
  • Document new chatbots and changes within existing chatbots and campaigns.
  • Document chatbot performance and summarize finding with actionable recommendations.
  • Weekly create new experiments to increase the performance of individual chatbots for clients.
  • Research and recommend new chatbot uses cases, strategies and document them.
  • Make data-driven decision and recommendations
  • Organize data to support continued optimization
  • Hypothesize and execute experiments for optimization

Needed Skills

Leadership & Customer Service

    1. Able to interface with Marketing & Customer Success teams and leadership and;
      • Present findings and plans.
      • Communicate opportunities, threats and needed action items to your clients and team.
      • Work with clients on implementation plans and execution.
      • Handle client questions, concerns and request within the scope of the engagement.
    2. Performing routine and ad-hoc client analysis.
    3. Meet deadlines for deliverables.


    1. Learn chatbot KPI’s and make recommendations to clients based on those.
    2. Analyze data and tackle decision making based on data.
    3. Analyze trends and identify opportunities and weaknesses.
    4. Formulate and execute experiments to help clients achieve desired outcomes.


    1. Familiarity with Excel is a must, VBA experience preferred. 
    2. R, SaaS, or Stata statistical tools a plus.
    3. Drift, Intercom, Optimizely and experience is a plus. If you have no experience with these we’ll teach you but you’ve got to be hungry to learn.


    1. A thirst to improve (Are you the kind of person that stays after practice to put up more shots, catch more passes and do what it takes to be the best? If the answer is no this won’t be a fit.)
    2. Alright being wrong and taking risks.
    3. Team player.
    4. Life learner.

The Brass Tacks


Compensation: $40,000 – 45,000 depending on experience & skills

Location: Provo, Utah

Please send applications or questions to with a resume, cover letter.