Why You Should Use Intercom’s New AI Answer Bot

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There are several benefits to using Intercom’s AI enhanced Answer Bot.

By way of background, Intercom is a software company that produces a messaging platform.  This platform allows businesses to communicate with prospective and existing customers within their app, on their website, through social media, or via email.

About one year ago they released new technology that uses machine learning to provide increased automation called Answer Bot.  This new feature can take the job of automatically answering simple customer questions, while the support team answers the more difficult questions.  It uses your teams past interactions with customers and prospects in order to train the AI Bot on how to engage when it experiences similar questions.

The Answer Bot helps to maximize the effectiveness of support teams, by becoming an extension of the team. It is reported to be able to answer almost 30% of all customer and prospect questions leaving your teams to engage on more difficult issues.

Here are three tips for enabling a support team as you consider the technology:

  1. Use the Answer Bot as a resource for customers to answer questions that are common customer topics.
  2. Use the Answer Bot as a training tool for newly hired support representatives.  It can be used as a second line support tool.
  3. Invest in the bot; keep Answer Bot up to date. Keeping the Answer Bot up to date helps your support team be effective and efficient giving the team more time to resolve larger inquires. This will become a resource to your entire ecosystem.

Chatbots, Custom Bots, and Answer Bots are all ways to streamline the customer experience.

This industry is evolving and changing rapidly.  This is just one more interesting step toward increased automation in our customer engagement. This year will be an exciting one to see what comes.


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