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White Paper Key Findings

Use Multiple Tracks

Consider using multiple tracks during your webinar to guide the different types of people you may be marketing to. This format could involve a few keynote speakers for everybody and then 2-4 tracks of speakers that people can choose from depending on their profession or interests.

Keep Track of Time

44% of attendees prefer 45-minute webinars and another 41% prefer 30-minutes! Only 10% want an hour-long session and half of that (5%) want 20-minute sessions. (Source: Big Marketer)

Provide Multiple Media Options

Because 57% of webinar registrations come from email, there is a leftover 43% of registrars that can be captured potentially through other means such as social, website or blog, newsletter, SMS, and sales.

Live Chat Success

“After Implementing the ChatFunnels trainings/strategies, we have decreased average live chat response times by over 73%, our response rates are now 100%, and our email capture rates have increased by 52%. The proof is in the data!”

Derek Boggs
Sr. Manager, Demand Gen, Ivanti