Takeaways from the 2018 State of Chatbots

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Recently, Drift did a study on chatbots that was interesting. Below are a few points that I found to be of particular interest with a few takeaways from their studies.

Chatbots 101

Chatbots are changing and enhancing the customer online experience.

The increase of real-time connection within marketing/sales platforms has shifted away from customers having to wait for a business to choose to contact them. They are able to get answers in real time from chatbots or live chat through a website. The State of Conversational Marketing study found around 15% of customers have utilized a Chabot system to communicate with a business in the past year.

Online Experiences

When customers were asked about their frustrations in trying to communicate with businesses online. They felt that it was difficult to find the information they were looking for on company websites. Meaning as businesses we are losing possible customers by not getting them the information & answers customers need.

Instant Info

Customers want to quickly obtain information. They also would like their questions answered in a reasonable manner from a chatbot. Customers are aware that chatbots may not have all the answers but are a useful tool to answer basic questions and can even facilitate connecting them to a live person.

Predicted Use

The top three predicted use of chatbots by consumers are:

  • A fast answer to an emergency 37%
  • Obtaining detailed answers¬† 35%
  • Resolving a problem/complaint 35%

Beneficial or Hindrance?

Customers believe that chatbots are beneficial to their experiences. When they are surveyed they expect to experience some of the benefits listed below:

  1. Ease of communication
  2. Answers to basic questions
  3. Receiving an instant response
  4. Service anytime day-or-night
  5. Complaints mitigated
  6. Good customer service

Overall customers prefer to have the real-time, instantaneous service that provides instant gratification!

For instance, this overall ideology does not necessarily mean that customers only want chatbot interaction but, that they would like human/chatbot interaction to be hand-in-hand.

Customer Expectations

77% of customers expect to receive an instant response from online chat. With 75% of customer expectations of an instant response from a chatbot. This shows we expect real-time interaction. Customers are demanding that issues/questions be resolved faster than in the history of the world.


Results and Outcome

To sum it up, when surveyed. In comparison to other communication platform, chatbots are rising to the top platforms. Yet human connection still trumps.

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